Velvet Revolution

Just a Custom-Fitted Smoking Jacket

None The holidays. A fire pit. A Nats victory party.

All things you’ll be encountering in the next few weeks. And all great occasions to don a smoking jacket.

Yes, we’re talking about smoking jackets today.

These ones: Bespoke Smoking Jackets, available from the Tailored Man, who happens to be taking appointments for fittings in DC next week.

Now, you probably don’t need a smoking jacket. But neither did Hefner. Or Sherlock Holmes. The point: you’d look damn good in one.

So go see this guy, who’s got offices in Toronto and Tysons Corner. Toronto’s a long flight. Tysons is... Tysons.

Anyway, he’ll measure you up. Then he’ll walk you through your velvety options.

Among them: something knee-length. With piping. Your family crest. Pretty much anything. Full-on robe? Sure.

Of course, if you’d like something a bit more... understated, he’ll also do a more structured-looking velvet or suede jacket that you can get away with on black-tie occasions.

Now you just need a bespoke pipe.


Bespoke Smoking Jackets
available from The Tailored Man

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