Winked In

Making Your House More Like an iPad

None Knowing only two positions doesn’t make you a great lover.

But it does create a high probability that you’re a light switch.

Speaking of which, it’s time to break up with yours.

Calm down. It’ll make sense in a minute...

Meet Wink Relay, a new thing from the future that’s designed to take the place of your light switch and make your average smart home/apartment/yurt that much smarter, now available for preorder.

First, it’s intelligent: it keeps tabs on temperature and humidity, and its proximity sensors know when you’re near. So that’s nice.

Second, it’s a great communicator: you’re probably familiar with those lightbulbs that you control with your phone. Well, install this into a standard light switch outlet, and it will talk to those for you (and Nest soon).

Third, it sets the mood: by automatically lowering your window shades. Dimming your lights. Closing your garage door.

Hey, maybe you’re in the mood to have your garage door closed.

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