Pay It Forward

A Local App for Getting in Shape

None You’re definitely, absolutely, 100% going to the gym today. Well, unless you get stuck at work, simply forget or strain your wrist opening a beer.

Happens to the best of us.

But a local trainer wants to change that.

By cordially offering to take your money.

That’ll happen via Fit Acc, a new Dallas-based fitness app that’s penalizing your missed workouts with actual cash fines, available now for iPhone.

It stands for “Fitness Accountability.” Idea being that money is a great motivator, and that not losing money is the incentive you need to regularly hit the gym.

Now, if you’re working out with a trainer, good, keep doing that. Then when you sign up for this thing, your trainer can design workouts, monitor your progress and otherwise keep you on track right through the app.

If you’re going it alone, no problem. Just choose a workout plan (they offer ones of three, six or 12 weeks). Input your desired penalty for missed sessions (from $5 to a gratuitous $500) and proceed to exercise.

But if you fail to check in at the location of a scheduled workout and stay for the duration, your credit card gets charged the penalty.

This could get out of hand fast.

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