Flip Book

A Book of Pretty People Giving the Finger

None They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well... these pictures are only worth two.

Specifically: F*ck Y*u, a new coffee-table book that will not be shortlisted for any Pulitzers but that’s okay because you want it anyway, now available for preorder.

What you have here are beautiful people like Heidi Klum and Rihanna doing things with their middle fingers. Read: flipping off the camera. You’re not going to be overcome by the vapors or anything, but you may not want it lying around when Grandma comes over.

Anyway, the guy behind this profound study in nonverbal communication is one Rankin. You know Rankin. He’s the guy who really knows how to get the best out of people’s middle fingers.

Inside: Heidi Klum sticking it to you. Katy Perry telling you what she thinks of your coffee table. Even a few think-piece-type essays on the gesture.

Feel free to flip right past those.

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