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A Few Essentials for Your Home Bar

You don’t need us to extoll the virtues of the home bar—as a literal icebreaker, as a refuge, as a potential surface for any spontaneous two-person recreational activities. What you do need us to tell you: how to maximize its potential. Behold: five humble suggestions...

Rims for More Than Margaritas

Rims for More Than Margaritas

You require: A delicate rim of flavor for your beverage.
You’ll receive: Three salt rimmers made with salt sourced from Oregon shores. There’s a citrus-and-spice blend for mulled wine; a Bloody Mary mix for the obvious; and then salt-salt. You probably know how to use that.

There’s No Way You Already Own This

There’s No Way You Already Own This

You require: A champagne ice bucket.
You’ll receive: A champagne ice bucket shaped like a bear and made from silver.
You’ll also receive: Years of needing to explain it to anyone who visits you. But so worth it.

Figural Silver Plate Champagne Bucket of a Bear, $3,700, now available

Oh, the Things You’ll Muddle

Oh, the Things You’ll Muddle

You require: A way to prepare mint for mojitos, bitters and sugar cubes for Old Fashioneds, etc.
You’ll receive: A muddler that was hand-carved from Brazilian cherrywood by a guy named Chris. Chris “The Muddler Maker” Gallagher, as he probably doesn’t like to be called.

Just Add Alcohol

Just Add Alcohol

You require: Some delicious premade cocktail mixes. (We won’t tell if you won’t.)
You’ll receive: A set of those with mixes for Bloody Marys, margaritas and Bellinis. Bonus: more time to drink with all that time you saved not making them.

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