Lock Up

Following Things with a Sky Robot

None If you soon realize you’re being followed by a camera, one of two things is happening.

1) You’re on Candid Camera. (No, really... it’s back.)

2) You’ve obtained an IR-Lock.

About that second thing: it’s a high-tech tracking system that enables drones to automatically follow and film moving targets that may or may not include your flag football team at its climactic moment of victory, now available for preorder.

This was created by your run-of-the-mill... research assistant in Georgia Tech’s Robust Product Creation Lab. So instead of getting into the specifics about how custom-manufactured filters, 360-degree tracking pods and LEDs make this work, here are some utilization ideas.

Pickup Football Games
Keep the tracker on you, release your drone (you’ll need a drone) and play the game like normal. For every pass you catch and celebratory jig you do, it’ll be right there above you. Hovering. Recording.

Sending a Message
Discreetly attach the tracker to your new assistant’s bag. Mumble something about how you’ll be watching them. Then send them out for coffee. (This thing has a detection range of about 50 feet.)

Imagine the videos you can get with this. Hiking up Stone Mountain. Rowing on the lake. Whiskey-ing on the back deck...

You move around a lot when you whiskey.

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