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Fine-Looking Cameras by Way of Slovenia

None Today, we’re going to talk more about the iPhone 6 camera.

Kidding. We’re really here to tell you about the least iPhone 6 thing possible...

Hold still for Ondu Pinhole Cameras, a collection of extremely simple yet attractive photo-taking devices that are basically the opposite of your smartphone’s camera, available online now.

Meet Elvis Halilović. Making too much of his great name would be enjoyable but off topic, so we’ll just relay that he’s a Slovenian carpenter who figured out how to make functional cameras entirely out of walnut and maple wood.

Right. That works because they’re pinhole cameras. Which means there’s no lens. They simply create images by exposing film to light through a tiny (some might say “pinhole”) opening, resulting in image effects no other camera can achieve. Even with that Amaro filter.

And they come in five different sizes. Like the half-pound 135 Pocket Pinhole, which should fit snugly inside a flannel shirt pocket on some upcoming foliage expedition. Or the 4-by-5-inch Large Format Pinhole, which is capable of taking much bigger images and is a great answer when a stranger asks, “What’s that mysterious yet alluring wooden box on your shelf?”

Assuming they weren’t pointing at the humidor.

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