High Voltage

A Fitness Tracker with Actual Consequences

None Sticking a Post-it note to your fridge that says “less bacon, more gym” is a great start.


But if that doesn’t work, well, there’s always electroshock therapy.

Think carefully about Pavlok, a fitness tracker that’s unlike other fitness trackers in that it literally shocks you into compliance, available for preorder now.

Right, so it’s got a violent streak. But it’s for your best interest. See, this thing tracks your physical activity and your sleep patterns, which is always helpful. But it also lets you input custom goals into the corresponding app. Like studying a new language every day or waking up earlier.

If you proceed to actually do those things, great. If you don’t, ouch. Because if your goal is to wake up at 7am, and you defy your objective by hitting the snooze button, you’ll get a 340-volt slap on the wrist.

The idea being that, over time, you’ll learn to change your habits for the long term.

Or to set easier goals.

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