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Ziplining into Alabama. From Georgia. Sure.

None Do not read this if:

1) You’re afraid of heights.
2) You’re afraid of heights over water.
3) You’re afraid of navigating rapids on rafts.
4) You’re afraid of honking your horn while passing the “Welcome to Alabama the Beautiful” sign.

Careen into the Blue Heron Zipline, a new flying wire that involves you, two states and at least one dicey raft ride, opening Friday in Columbus.

If you’re not already familiar with Whitewater Express, it’s the place that straddles the Georgia-Alabama line, has a long-as-hell whitewater course and doesn’t have a zipline. Although that last part’s about to change. Which is why you’re reading these words.

So after the short trip down 85, you’ll harness up. You’ll climb to the top of a 60-foot tower. And then you’ll fly across a river while waving at whatever’s below you (whitewater rafters, your shadow, definitely not a net)...

Eventually, the hydraulic breaking system will engage and deposit you into the state of Alabama. Then you’ll have time to explore the two-level aerial course there before catching a motorized raft back to Georgia.

It looks just like you remembered it...


Blue Heron Zipline
at Whitewater Express
1000 Bay Ave
Columbus, GA, 31901

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