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An App for Bouncers on Demand. Yup, That Exists.

None Sure, an app for security guards seems ridiculous—until you suddenly need one. So here we go, top five reasons why you might someday be glad you’ve put Bannerman into your phone:

1. Your startup is in stealth mode.
Maybe you’re hosting a presentation to angel investors, or a hype-building mixer at the Interval. If you hear a rumor that a rival may be trying to sneak in: don’t worry. Bannerman will get you a vetted security guard within 30 minutes, if it’s urgent. Or you can make an appointment in advance. Either way.

2. You’re holding one of... whatever thing Apple’s announcing tomorrow.
You need to make sure nobody takes it. And that you don’t leave it on the bar tonight. This thing has corralled hundreds of guards on standby, many of them military vets. So they can be trusted to keep an eye on your precious little phone.

3. You’re going to Vegas.
Enough said.

4. You accidentally become Internet-famous.
You were innocently walking down the street, unaware of your imminent collision with a banana peel, a cat on a skateboard and Danny Glover...

5. You need someone stationed outside your door.
Because nobody interrupts Boardwalk Empire.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Bannerman</a>, now available for <a href= "" target="_blank">iPhone</a>

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