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A Two-Story Dance Palace in Deep Ellum

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Deep Ellum.

It’s the neighborhood that keeps on giving.

Beer bars, cocktail bars, barbecue joints, pizza places...

Now, you just need a place to exercise.

We mean dance.

Do some light stretching for Red Light Lounge, a two-story sanctum of dancing and drinking and lounging and rooftopping, now open Thursday through Saturday. (See the slideshow here.)

It’s like a den of iniquity in here. But a friendly one. Red walls, glowing lamps, leather booths. That kind of thing. In the front, it’s more of a hang-out-and-have-a-drink spot. But move toward the back, and things become decidedly more dance-y, with colored lights and a DJ playing ’80s hits and EDM and the like.

And that’s just the first floor. Walk up that back staircase, and you’ll find yourself on a rooftop overlooking Deep Ellum. You’ll also find another bar (can never have too many bars), another DJ and elevated speakers everywhere you look.

If you just want to relax in one of those green chairs with a beer in hand, sure, by all means, no one’s going to stop you. But if you want to do the exact opposite of that—say, engage in some kind of close-quarters situation—that’s also an option.

And it’s good to have options.


Red Light Lounge
2911 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75226


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