Park Place

There’s a New Parking App in Town

None Hey, let’s check on where we are with rocket shoes. Are those a thing yet?

No, not a thing. Not even close.

Looks like you’ll be driving cars for a while. And attempting to park them.

So let’s discuss ParkWise North End, a humble new app that isn’t “the Uber,” “the Airbnb” or “the Tinder” of anything. It just wants to improve your parking life, and it’s available now for iPhone and Android.

Contrary to the name, this isn’t exclusive to the North End. In fact, you can use it anywhere in the world. Remember that the next time you need to parallel park in Ulan Bator.

How this actually works: there’s a map. And whenever a user reports an unoccupied parking spot, it shows up as a big “Free” sign. Subtle. You take it and set it as your parking location. And when you leave, it becomes a “Free” sign that other users can find. A real pay-it-forward kind of deal here.

But if you aren’t seeing anyone out there, don’t panic. There hasn’t been some rapture event that left you behind. It just needs some time to build up its users.

That, or some actual rapture event has left you behind.

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