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Heli-Skiing and Camping in British Columbia

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Labor Day weekend: good weekend.

Gives you an extra day to do all sorts of things.

Like not work.

And drink things outdoors.

And plan something elaborate involving helicopters.

Kind of like (okay, exactly like) Skeena Heliskiing Base Camp. It’s a week full of remote skiing and sleeping in unusual tents in British Columbia, and it’s booking now for February and March send-offs.

First, you should know there are only 60 spots available for the season. So read quickly and act accordingly.

Then know about the pop-up campsite in the Kuldo Valley. It houses just 10 people at a time in five heated tents that look like comfortable igloos. A little math shows that’s two people per tent, so choose a companion who’s good company in close quarters.

Each day, you’ll board a helicopter that’ll deposit you on 19 miles’ worth of picturesque trails, glaciers and glades. And at night, you’ll engage in some après-ski relaxation inside the “Freedome.” It’s a big communal tent that’s outfitted with a dining room and a bar.

So it’s a very important tent.


Skeena Heliskiing Base Camp
via Skeena Heliskiing
Kuldo Valley
British Columbia
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