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Burgers and Beer at a Place Called the Sir

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Burgers, beer, whiskey, music and comfortable things to sit on.

There, that’s five things you like chosen at random.

Coincidentally, here’s The Sir, a new burger-and-beer operation that’s making important contributions to your lunch, dinner and drinks plans. It’s open now in Uptown. (See it here.)

This place used to be Ketchup Burger Bar. And working under the if-it-ain’t-broke doctrine, they’re keeping the burger theme alive. Except here, they’re doing so in a space that’s less roadside diner and more heavy woods, velvet bar stools and tufted couches.

So you’ve got a couple options. Lunch is one. Dinner is another. And both situations often require two-handed sandwiches. Like the Cuban or the Reuben or the PBJB Burger, which is topped with peanut butter, jelly, bacon and jalapeños. Yep, that old combo. (See the menu here.)

But it’s not just about sandwiches and acronyms here. It’s also about drinks. So when something cold and refreshing and not nonalcoholic is your top priority, you’ve got a full bar at your disposal. And on weekends, they’ll be bringing in DJs, so you can adjourn to those couches in back for bouts of more serious lounging.

Or a quick nap.


The Sir
3028 N Hall St, Ste 179
Dallas, TX, 75204


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