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A New Vodka-Making Factory in the O4W

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There hasn’t been a legal distillery in the city of Atlanta since 1906.

Jesus, Atlanta...

Sounds like you’re long overdue for the Old Fourth Distillery, a shiny new tasting room with a bunch of vodka-making machinery in the back that’s going to make you some vodka, opening for tours in the very near future on Edgewood. (Follow us on Twitter for updates.)

Now, again, they’re not quite ready to open yet. But since you’ve only been waiting about 108 years to see what an Atlanta distillery looks like, go ahead. Look closely. Here’s the slideshow.

Those booths in the windows: actually cut-in-half church pews. That bookshelf: actually a bathroom door. And that marble everywhere: actually came from an old EAV elementary school. Unexpected, but okay.

And then there’s the back. That’s where you’ll learn about how a heat exchanger, a vintage dairy cooler and other machinery turn non-vodka into vodka. Then you’ll go up front and try that vodka.

Eventually, they’ll experiment with gin and whiskey. But first: infusions. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drinking vodka infused with berries from the Beltline. Or kudzu from... everywhere.

Way to make yourselves useful, invasive plants.


Old Fourth Distillery
487 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA, 30312


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