House of Parliament

A Neighborhood Cocktail Den from Lucky Campbell

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Parliament: a formal conference for the discussion of public affairs.

Parliament: a dapper cocktail den that’s ideal for dates or just anytime your evening would be improved by a drink, opening tomorrow in Uptown.

Fortunately, this concerns the latter. And here’s what you should know.

There’s a classy bordello vibe going on here.
You know the one. Walls lined with red-and-gold wallpaper. Leather banquettes. And glowing lamps that bathe everything in an extra filter of attractiveness. (Check out the slideshow.)

Your barman is Lucky Campbell.
The familiar slinger of drinks and wearer of fedoras is holding court behind a bar that’s stocked full of brown spirits, bitters, fresh this and infused that.

The drinks list is 125 strong.
So... pace yourself. To get started, flip through the encyclopedia-like menu of illustrations, anecdotes and drinks organized under headings like Lost Recipes and Whiskey River. Or try a house specialty like the Killin Thyme, with gin, cucumber, lemon, thyme and watermelon ice cubes. (See that menu here.)

There’s no food, but also there’s food.
If you’re hungry, you can order something from next-door neighbor, State & Allen. And they’ll bring over short rib quesadillas or a bacon-avocado burger.

Well, unless you ordered the four-cheese flatbread.

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