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This Turns Any Surface into a Touchscreen

None To open this email, you probably had to touch a mouse. Or a trackpad. Maybe a button.

Which... wow.

What an unnecessarily antiquated thing you just did.

Lift a finger for Touch+, a small device that uses cameras to track your finger movements and subsequently turns any surface into a touchscreen, now available for preorder and shipping August 30.

You know that scene in Fantasia where a magic hat lets Mickey conduct a broom by waving his hands? Great scene. Also, that’s the general idea here. You’ll be able to command your computer simply by making hand gestures in the air (sans classical music, probably).

Use it to underline stats that are projected on a wall without ever going back to the computer. Use it to impress clients by setting up an iPad and typing client-related words on a bar top. Thing’ll pay for itself in no time.

Also, it’ll basically turn your hand into a Wii controller for playing games and stuff. And then when you’re ready to put your computer in sleep mode, just open your hand facedown and close it into a fist.

And then field questions about what it’s like to be from the future.

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