Play It Again, Gram

Your Own Stereo, Now with Millions of Songs

None Wild guess: you like music.

So you’ll probably like Gramofon, a new way to stream online music into your existing stereo system so you can not only access every song ever recorded, but play it back so it sounds good. And loud. They’re taking preorders for September delivery.

This is beautifully simple. You get this little box (it’s about three inches across). You hook it up to your stereo receiver. You connect it to the Internet via wi-fi. Done.

Then spend the next, oh, several hours of your life playing any song you can think of via Spotify (if you have a subscription) or the Gramofon app (it’s free) in much better quality than your laptop or any Bluetooth device can manage.

And when you’re having friends over, just give them the password and they can hop on and start DJing your living room as well.

Except for your friend who only plays Aerosmith. Because that’s annoying.

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