Pico Suave

Hiking and Skiing on Mexico’s Tallest Peak

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Word association time.

We say “Mexico vacation,” you say:

“Ski trip.”

Okay, clearly someone read ahead.

But yes.

Rethink what you know about Mexico for Pico de Orizaba Ski Descent, a weeklong hike-up-and-ski-down situation on Mexico’s highest mountain, now booking for an October 24 send-off.

Let’s divide and conquer. You start packing/assess any deep-seated fear of heights, and we’ll run through the itinerary by elevation.

7,085 Feet
Fly into Puebla to meet your guides. They’ll drive you to the base camp in Tlachichuca, where you’ll take a day to acclimate. Okay, that’s enough acclimating. Up you go.

11,800 Feet
You’re hiking, you’re camping, you’re hiking some more. One foot in front of the other. That’s the stuff.

14,000 Feet
Take a breather, enjoy the views, have a snack, make a few snow angels. Good, then you’ll be ready to keep going up toward the Jamapa Glacier.

18,491 Feet
Hey, you’ve reached the summit. Nice job. You’re now 3.5 miles above sea level. Time to... undo all that work by skiing back down the mountain.

And that’s how you ski in Mexico. Now it’s back to Tlachichuca for some well-deserved rest and a celebration dinner.

And noticeably more oxygen.

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