Axe of Life

Axe. Saw. Slingshot. Spear. It’s All of That.

1904abc2f9832e6ecf3f9609de7de0ecMaybe you’re going camping this weekend. Maybe you’re planning some fall sojourn into the mountains. We don’t know.

What we do know is that you should always be prepared.

But not just sort of prepared.

Axe-slingshot-saw-and-two-kinds-of-spears-on-a-walking-stick... prepared.

Walk softly and carry a big Zubin Axe, which is a walking stick that’s also an everything-else stick. It hails from Alpharetta, and it’s available online now.

Listen, you may never be in a situation where you need to suddenly turn your walking stick into a slingshot. Then again, you may. And that’s more than enough reason to get this piece of hickory wood that you can attach stainless-steel weaponry to.

The attachments are all sold individually, so only get what you need. If it’s a one-day hike, you’ll probably be fine with just the stick. But if it’s something more involved—like some sort of Appalachian camping scenario or an unexpected battle with a team of rival news reporters—throw all the attachments into your bag.

And yes, those attachments include an axe, a slingshot, a saw, a regular spear and a fishing spear.

Guarantee that’s, like, two more spears than anyone else will have.

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