Hang Time

It’s Like a Hoverboard, but It’s a Speaker

None Enough already. It’s 2014.

About time for your speaker to do something besides just sit there.

Instead, it should probably be like Om/One—a futuristic speaker that floats in space while playing whatever you’re into these days, now available for preorder.

You’ve heard of floating speakers. They play music in pools for guys who think Entourage is still on the air. This is different. Just a smooth, Bluetooth-enabled orb floating... in the air... over a flat, circular base you can bring anywhere. It’ll blast your music and relay your phone calls. Real Minority Report/Blade Runner kind of stuff.

They’re in preorder mode now, so all you need to do at the moment is get online and decide which style you want—white, black or the one that looks just like a disco ball. This might be a good time to go full disco ball.

Then it’ll arrive at your doorstep come December, and soon thereafter, people will arrive at your holiday party and be like, “Hey, how you doi—wait, is music coming out of that floating sphere? Are we living in the future?”

And you’ll be like, “Yes.”

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