Color Guard

A Pen That Clones Any Color It Touches

None A wise philosopher once asked:

“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”

Okay, so that’s less a philosophical question and more a song from Pocahontas.

But yes. The answer is yes.

Pick a color, any color, with Scribble, a smart pen that captures the color of anything it touches and then reproduces that color on paper or your tablet, now available for preorder.

This is a slightly larger than average pen that clones colors. Which is just sort of nuts when you think about it.

And it comes as either an ink pen or a tablet stylus. All you do is press the end against some sort of solid surface. A few moments pass, and suddenly you’re doodling in the exact hue of whatever it was touching.

The world’s a different place now. You can stroll into Sherwin-Williams and steal colors without actually stealing. Make good use of your sunburn as a brand-new red. Extract colors from your dog because it’s funny and they’ll hate it.

It can also store over 100,000 colors in its memory.

But if you touch two pens together, the world explodes.

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