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You Can Sleep at White Oak Pastures Now

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When you want to eat meat that was butchered on a 150-year-old Georgia farm, you go to places like Holeman & Finch, Miller Union and Bacchanalia.

The problem: you can’t sleep there afterward.

The solution: Lodging at White Oak Pastures, the new slumber-in-a-nice-little-cabin component of the South Georgia farm that keeps restaurants like the ones up there in meat, now taking reservations.

What you have here are five lodging options on what is essentially the land that time forgot.

One of them is the Pond House. It was built on a peninsula in the ’60s, gives you access to the canoe and kayak in the boathouse and... won’t be available until early fall (patience). The other four: the Forest Cabins. They’re laid out on 25 acres of longleaf pines, they have screened porches and grills, and they’re available now.

Head out there with a date. Maybe get a horseback ride in before dinner in the open-air pavilion. Drink some wine. Eat whatever kind of grass-fed filet or roasted guinea they feel like serving.

Oh, and consider signing up for the butchering demo workshop tomorrow afternoon. You’ll learn things like proper aging and how to break down a side of beef fresh from the on-site abattoir.

Nice one, life.


Lodging at White Oak Pastures
22775 Hwy 27
Bluffton, GA, 39824


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