Talk on Water

It Makes Hot Dogs While Charging Your Phone

None If the situation arose, you’d be fine without your phone for a few days.

There’d be no withdrawals. No nervous twitching. No phantom-texting-hands...

No one doubts that.

But also, maybe let’s not find out.

Keep the juices flowing with the KettleCharge, a clever little invention that allows you to charge your phone by way of making tea and stuff, available online now.

In science-y terms, it works because the thermoelectric generator on the bottom uses a difference in temperature (cold water, hot flame) to produce electricity. Fair enough.

To elaborate, it looks like a stainless-steel dog bowl with an orange remote attached. To elaborate further, here’s an as-brief-as-possible step-by-step:

1. Fill the bottom with water.
2. Boil said water.
3. Plug charger into handle.
4. Don’t take for granted the fact that this is possible.

Then, just let your imagination run wild. Maybe you’re camping and have been tasked with making hot toddies and checking baseball scores. Or maybe it’s an emergency situation. Power’s been out for hours. People are starting to panic. You need basic access to hot dogs and Instagram.

Yeah, we’re all terrible.

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