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Huh. Apparently, August is happening now.

At least part of it should probably happen in a quaint little retreat involving just-crazy-enough-to-work things like wine and a pool and stars.

Just... crazy enough... to work...

Time to revisit Farmhouse Inn, the off-the-beaten-path hideaway that’s got some new stuff to show you, open now as usual... and taking reservations for nine new rooms available starting August 15.

If you just can’t wait, sure, go this weekend. You’ll still see a bunch of vineyards around, and you’ll feel the need to look up the difference between “quaint” and “idyllic” in the dictionary (on your phone), and you’ll remember that it’s entirely possible to fill an entire day hitting a couple of wineries, lying around with a book and some chirping birds, and having a dinner of Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit (yup, rabbit three ways).

But if you book one of the new rooms, say, oh, lucky #13 for Labor Day weekend—13 is one of the most private, upstairs and facing the west hill—you’ll have a discreet, untouched hideout with a patio and proximity to the redone pool, and let’s just say an inground hot tub is nigh.

Nigh hot tubs are the best.


Farmhouse Inn
7871 River Rd
(at Wohler)
Forestville, CA, 95436


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