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This Little Glowing Ball Watches You Sleep

None You know that thing you do where you go semi-unconscious every night...

Yeah, sleeping.

What’s with that? What’s with sleeping?

Don’t answer that.

Just ask Sense, a little ball from the future that records all sorts of information while you sleep, now available for preorder and shipping in November.

If Jane Goodall were a bedside sleep sensor and studied you instead of chimpanzees, she would be this. Moving on.

Lot’s going on here...

There’s the ball itself.
Which is a glowing orb about the size of a tennis ball. It sits on your nightstand and records things like light, sound, humidity and air pollution. Then sends all that info via Bluetooth to...

The app.
Which, come morning, will relay information about your nightly disruptions. You can even play back sound disturbances that happened while you slept. Which won’t be incredibly scary at all.

Then there’s the Sleep Pill.
Not that kind. The sensor kind that attaches to your pillow and records when you’re tossing, turning and getting up for a midnight snack.

And when their powers combine...
The app uses all that data to gently wake you up at just the right moment in your sleep cycle.

Which is never, but don’t tell this thing that.

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