Super Leak

This Site Sends the Emails You Won’t

None Sometimes it’s difficult to say what you’re really thinking.

Like: “I think you’re beautiful.”

Or: “Last night, I dreamed I was power squatting and you were the spotter.”

And especially: “Has anyone ever said you look like Steve Buscemi?”

Well... prepare to say those things. And whatever else you want. Because of Leak, a new website that anonymously emails people whatever you don’t/can’t/shouldn’t say in real life, online now.

It’s like stuffing a note into somebody’s locker in middle school. But because doing that today would be inherently juvenile and maybe just a little creepy, do it this way instead.

When you first visit the site, you’ll find a screen-wide GIF of Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood typing things. Always a good sign. Next, input an email address and who your message will be from—“friend,” “coworker,” “friend of a friend”... you know how this goes.

Once you compose your confidential epistle, it’s off. And in their inbox. Without any of your fingerprints on it.

Forbidden love can be confessed. Constructive criticism of personal hygiene can be shared. Sinister government secrets can be exposed.

Hey, we don’t know who you work for.

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