Track Record

How to Look a Lot Better While Running

You know what they say about running...

It’s a means of locomotion that involves moving both feet at a rate that’s faster than walking.

Also: you should probably look miraculous while doing it.

On your mark, get set, go to Tracksmith, a new site full of running gear that’s made in the Northeast and looks like it was plucked from Steve Prefontaine’s locker room, online as of today.

Let’s take a peek at...

1) The Grayboy Tee. You know what a T-shirt is. This is that. But it’s nice enough to transition from the beach right to the bar. You could probably squeeze a jog in there, too. Theme and all.

2) The Longfellow Short. Made from a stretchy fabric with two pockets for cards and change. Or whatever else gym teachers and you carry around these days.

3) The Van Cortlandt Singlet. Sharp, this one. Just a simple tank top with a diagonal stripe emblazoned down the chest. Right where it belongs.

4) The Van Cortlandt Short. It laughs in the face of inseams.

5) The Factory Floor Spike Bag. The founders came upon some abandoned fabrics like oxford stripes, chambrays and flannels. Then they turned them into bags. Abandoned fabric bags.

Great band name.

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