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100 Whiskeys and Lots of Sausage on Oak Lawn

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Whiskey and meat.

One day, you may grow tired of such things.

And that day: Tuesday, August 4, 2482.

So until then...

Pull up a chair for Scotch & Sausage, a comfortable spot that’s decidedly not a salad bar. It opens this Thursday on Oak Lawn.

Huh... wonder what this place serves. Wild guess, but we’re thinking 24 varieties of sausages on fresh-baked rolls. From simple bratwursts to more exotic meats like antelope, elk and Moroccan spiced lamb. And when you’re thirsty: 100 whiskeys, each available neat, on the rocks or as a cocktail (Old Fashioned, sour, Manhattan).

That’s at least 124 reasons to investigate. Inside, you’ll find a real industrial vibe with metal bar stools, concrete floors and wood-slatted walls. And outside: a little patio/beer-garden situation. Now, not to put ideas in your head... but that seems like a satisfactory spot to drink cold Belgian beers while eating smoked kielbasas and truffle-glazed frites in the shade.

And hey, this is nice. They’re serving late three nights a week (until 3am on Thursdays and 4am on Fridays and Saturdays), proving that plenty of good does indeed happen after midnight.

Your mom’s been lying to you this whole time.

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