Noble Prize

Fine British Beach Games and Bags

You walk onto the sand.

And just like that, heads start turning. Sunglasses start lowering on noses.

Everyone wants to get a look... at that damn fine paddleball set you’ve got there.

All thanks to Charlie Noble, a British purveyor of beautiful leather bags and the refined summer games that go inside them, now shipping to the US.

Imagine if Savile Row started making beach games, and you’ll understand what’s happening. Think: lacquered paddleball racquets made from Canadian maple and US walnut. They’re so handsome, you could bring ’em to the Carbon Beach estate of some mercurial billionaire. Mercurial billionaires love Canadian maple.

Or maybe you and your friends just sussed out a great access route to a beach David Geffen didn’t want you to find, and this calls for some laser-engraved, chrome-plated bocce balls. In Malibu, bocce without lasers just isn’t bocce...

Of course, since these things are all stately and British, you wouldn’t want to throw them in with your wet towels and sandy iThings. These call for one of the handmade, Scottish-leather duffels before you hit the beach.

So your paddleball racquets know you care.

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