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Burgers and Beer at the Farmers’ Market

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Your farmers’ market shopping list, last week:


Your farmers’ market shopping list, this week:

—other stuff, if there’s time

For that, you can thank Green Door Public House. It’s a comfortable all-day hangout that’s doing fine things for downtowners’ lunch, dinner and drinks plans, and it’s now open next to the farmers’ market.

If you see a brick building with a green door, you’re in the right place. And once you walk in that place, you will see other things, too. Like exposed brick walls, big front windows and a light wood bar. It’s a fine setting for midday meals of blackened-fish tacos and half-pound cheeseburgers, is what we’re saying.

But they’re open until 2am, so keep that in your back pocket. Then take it out whenever you’re up for sampling one of their 50 beers or having a Black Thorn nightcap (Irish whiskey, dry vermouth, bitters, absinthe). And really, when aren’t you?

And one day, that front patio with its greenery and its cacti and its places to sit will be a hospitable spot to do all those things we discussed above. Except outdoors.

You remember the outdoors.


Green Door Public House
600 S Harwood St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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