23 Days of Hiking and Skiing the Himalayas

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Warm weather. Backyard barbecues. Fireworks.

Ah, the wonders of July.

If that doesn’t get you thinking about Nepalese mountains, well… that makes perfect sense, actually.

But we’re betting this will.

Calibrate your altimeter for Ski Mera Peak, Nepal, a 23-day adventure that’ll have you trekking and skiing your way through the Himalayas, now booking for an October send-off.

First up, you’re going to need a good itinerary. Also: excellent lung capacity and a Sherpa. But about that itinerary...

Day 1-2: Arrive in Kathmandu and check into the Hotel Yak & Yeti, the world’s only yak-and-yeti-themed (well, titled) five-star hotel.
Day 3-11: Board a twin-engine plane for Lukla village in the Himalayan foothills. Hike trails, sleep in teahouses, pop your head into a Buddhist monastery or two.
Day 12-15: Ski, climb and otherwise defy gravity as you make your way uphill toward Mera Peak.
Day 16: Arrive at the summit and wave hello to Mount Everest before beginning a 4,200-foot vertical descent. That’s about 14 football fields.
Day 17-21: Keep heading downhill, hike back to Lukla village.

Great, you made it. Now it’s over to Kathmandu for two days of celebration dinners and hot showers.

Though probably not at the same time.

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