Corral Cabins

OK Corral

Roughing It. With a Wet Bar.

Ah, camping...

The infinite wilderness.

The astonishing scenery.

The crucial wet bar.

Right. About that...

It’s one of many essentials found within Corral Cabins, a new set of redwood and pine cabins in Santa Barbara County’s El Capitan Canyon campground.

Herewith, the key stats:

Total number of cabins on the property: 122
Number of those that are new and secluded, and have their own wet bars, central heating and bathtubs: 13
Number we’ll be talking about today: 13
Number of rooms in each cabin: 4
Number of twin-size mattresses on the floor of each upstairs loft: 3
Number of king-size beds in the private downstairs bedroom of each cabin: 1
Amount of time recommended before you call “shotgun” on the king bed: 0.01 seconds
Duration of a bike ride to the beach: 5 minutes
Temperature of ocean at said beach: 60 degrees
Temperature of the solar-heated pool on the property: 83 degrees
Number of personal fire pits with grills right outside your door: 1
Cost of an emergency hamburger, hot dog and s’mores kit from the on-site deli: $65
Acreage to explore with a date in Runyon Canyon: 160
Acreage of trails to explore with a date here: 3,500
Number of said trails that lead to a working llama and goat farm: 1
How often you get to caption an Instagram with “Hey, I’m on a working llama and goat farm”: not nearly enough


Corral Cabins
at El Capitan Canyon
11560 Calle Real
Goleta, CA, 93117

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