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A Hidden Cocktail Lounge in Deep Ellum

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“Let me get two Airheads, some Skittles and a pack of Smarties. Oh, and throw in a mai tai.”

Typically, that would sound ridiculous.

But tonight’s a different story.

Because here comes Truth & Alibi, a Deep Ellum cocktail lounge that’s hiding behind a candy shop facade. It’s soft-opening tonight.

Right, so if you see the candy shop entrance, you’re in the right place. But since you’re the it’s-what’s-inside-that-counts type, know that what’s inside is a stunning room lined with red-and-gold wallpaper, high-backed sofas and white leather benches. Plus a bar that’s doling out a mix of classic and not-classic cocktails so you’ve got something to do besides enjoy the furniture.

To get in, you’ll need a little help. Buzzer on the door, password, that whole thing. So follow their Facebook page for the password (it changes each week). Then swing through with a troupe of companions who like Moscow Mules and tequila sours and gin drinks laced with tarragon and cucumber-melon soda.

Also: there’s no food yet, but it’s coming down the road. So until then, they’ve partnered with the Deep Sushi guys next door to keep you fed.

Wonder what those guys serve...

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