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This App Really Wants You to Go Outside

None This is a tale of adventure.

Of steep climbs.

Of arduous hikes.

Of an iPhone app.

Of you seeing what we did there in 3... 2...

Ready your s’mores for RootsRated, a new app that automatically presents you with the best and nearest hiking, camping, frisbee golfing or any other activity even remotely related to the great outdoors, now available for iPhone.

It’s sort of like having Davy Crockett on retainer, this thing. Or at the very least, a grizzled friend who lives in the mountains and can rattle off a list of the best local paths to bike and trails to blaze.

But it’s in app form. And it won’t try to convince you to compost.

Say you want to go whitewater rafting. Pick “Whitewater Rafting” (tricky, we know), and it lists your options by closest location. That’s... it. Just pick one and go do things. It’ll also give you directions and tell you what makes the river so good.

Almost like it’s an app that exists in 2014 or something.

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