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Kenny Rogers’s House is on the market right now in Buckhead. Kenny Rogers the legend. Kenny Rogers the Gambler. Kenny Rogers the... chicken-place-opener. And much like the man himself, you’ll find his digs are in pretty good taste. For your accountant’s consideration: numbers...

Asking price: $4.8 million
Square footage of marble floors, Palladian windows and apartment-size closets: 11,964
Total rooms: 22
Bedrooms: 6
Giant eight-top tables beneath elaborate chandeliers: at least 1
Times you should count your money at it: 0
Percent chance that joke was going to happen no matter what: 100
Seats at the swim-up bar in the pool: 5
Likelihood that a Richie, a Parton and the Gambler himself have ever occupied 3/5 of them: high
Number of Roman spas with a giant clamshell sculpture in it: 1
Year the Mediterranean manor was built: 1990
Year Kenny Rogers appeared in the made-for-TV film Christmas in America: also 1990
Likelihood you’ll watch that in your new home theater: “very low” during January to November; “low” during December
Number of fireplaces: 10
Times you’ll serenade someone with “Lady” in front of one: don’t do anything Kenny wouldn’t do


Kenny Rogers’s House
105 Parc Du Chateau NW
Atlanta, GA, 30327


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