Quiet Riot

A Pitch-Dark Tent That You Float and Relax In

None The average day can bring on a lot of stress.

Hey, all the more reason to get a personal decompression chamber that blocks light and sound, and relieves stress by making you feel like you’re floating in a black hole in the middle of your house.


Harness your chi for the Zen Float Tent, a new sensory-deprivation bath that goes in your home and makes you not stress out, now available for preorder and shipping in October.

Imagine being lost on the dark side of the moon. You hear, see and feel nothing. That’s what it’s like inside of this thing, up to and including the floating part (thanks, saltwater). It’s also way more convenient than the moon.

Start by placing the stainless-steel frame and vinyl cover over the included heating pads. Those will keep the water at exactly 93.5 degrees, which is the temperature of your skin (translation: you won’t even feel it). Then fill it up, add 800 pounds of Epsom salt (they know a salt guy in case you don’t have your own), get in and relax.

And if you’re suddenly thinking, “Wait, did a spa just happen in my own bedroom?” Yes... yes, a spa just did.

Somewhere, a stress ball weeps.

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