Air Supply

Learning to Fly an Airbus

None Hey. Right now. Let’s review that bucket list of yours.

1. Invent a hoverboard.

2. Rub Al Roker’s head before a weather report.

3. Learn to fly an Airbus or a Boeing jet.

About that last one...

Flyanairliner has landed right outside of Doral. It’s a full-motion flight simulator course used by airlines to train their pilots. But you can make reservations for takeoff starting now.

Picture the cockpit of a Boeing 777. Oh, you’ve never been in one. Well, these guys are here to remedy that. See, they’ve got a couple of flight simulators made up of authentic Boeing/Airbus parts. The kind that commercial pilots use to complete their training hours before maneuvering the actual thing. You might want to queue up some “Danger Zone” right about now.

First, you’ll need to book your spot. When you get to the flight campus, you’ll be greeted by your instructor. They’ll teach you the basics of flying and how to operate the simulator. When you’re good and ready, they’ll whisk you off to the simulator where you’ll take the captain’s seat and pick your flight plan.

Then, it’s 30 minutes of accelerations, ascents, descents and landings. As for copilots, you can bring two people to join you in the pit.

We believe the phrase is... mile high à trois.


6601 NW 36th St
Virginia Gardens, FL, 33166

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