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A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Motorcycle Tour

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Today, we bring news of Norway’s newest underwater zipline.


But that would be cool.

This, though: cooler.

Get yourself one of those motorcycle helmets with the goggles for the Arctic Circle Classic, a choose-your-own-adventure journey on vintage motorcycles just south of the Arctic Circle, now taking reservations.

It all started when a motorcycle collector/bearded Norseman called Benny collected a bunch of bikes from the ’40s and ’50s and said, “You know... people should be riding these.” Except he probably said it in Norwegian.

Along the way, you might...

Visit Lofoten.
Two ways to get to this small fishing village filled with row after row of red houses: 1) By ferry. 2) The scenic route. It takes you over lakes and hills on, say, a BSA M33 military-edition motorcycle. Sorry, ferry.

Fish for wild salmon.
Or kayak through a crystal-clear fjord. Or, if you ask nicely, maybe Benny will let you take the Ski-Doo out for a joyride.

Do whatever the hell you want.
You’re encouraged to get off the bike when something intrigues you. Like if you see a waterfall you want to explore, a cave you want to crawl through or a reindeer you want to get dangerously close to.

Maybe pack some oats.

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