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Wild Heaven’s Tasting Room Is a Thing Now

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That thing with the sky last night was crazy.

But now it’s over.

So let’s move on.

To beer.

Say a prayer for Wild Heaven Craft Beers Brewery. It’s their first official brewery, they want you to drink beer there, and tickets are now available for tours starting next Friday in Avondale Estates.

Now that you’ve spent the last few years drinking this stuff at bars around town, you should feel right at home stopping by their new digs for some midday sampling.

It’s one big open space, so everything’s visible from the bar. The bottling line behind it. The tanks to the right of it. The brewing grains they use to fill holes in the floor beneath it.

But about next weekend. You’ll walk in. The cashier will hand you a glass and some tokens. You’ll toss one to the bartender manning the copper pipe beer towers. When he gives you a new Belgian-style saison, drink it. Like it. Take it out to the side patio and get something meaty from Pallookaville or DBA (they’ll be around on opening weekend).

And you should also probably take that tour at some point. On it: the “Pearly Gates,” a mini lab where they’ll be making test batches.

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Wild Heaven Craft Beers Brewery
135B Maple St
Decatur, GA, 30030


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