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Your Phone Will Pay the Check at Dinner Now

None Yes, yes, you dined... and then you totally dashed.

But you paid—albeit stealthily. And left a healthy tip—service was great.

Naturally, there’s an app behind this...

Presenting the bold new era of Cover, an app that breezily handles your dinner payment at restaurants so you can get on with the nightcap portion of the evening already, now available in San Francisco.

So what used to happen on dinner dates was that you cultivated a certain mood. The pasta was magnificent, the wine top-notch, the lusty looks were growing lustier. And then... oh, and then... your waitress vanished for 20 minutes. Then the check was for a different table. Then you had to do gratuity-related math after all that wine.

Now what happens is you walk into a good restaurant that’s partnered with Cover—like Rich Table, Alta or Slanted Door. Tell your server up front that you’re paying with this thing, create a table in the app and... enjoy your meal. Cover has your credit card info and usual gratuity percentage on file, so... just leave. It’ll feel weird. But kind of liberating.

And if someone else in your party insists on paying: nope, it’s already handled.

No, really. You just handled it.

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