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Ah, vacation in July.

The shimmering sun.

The bright blue skies.

The 125 miles of untouched snow and ice.

Oh, you were thinking of somewhere else...

Pack one of those earflap hats for Crossing Nordaustlandet, a 19-day ski-and-sail expedition across the very cold, very remote, very hard-to-pronounce island of Nordaustlandet off the coast of Norway, now booking for a late July cast off.

Before you go, know this:

You’ll make history.
Nordaustlandet is home to two of the biggest glaciers in Europe. Real monsters, these guys. A daring and presumably unshaven Norseman crossed those glaciers in 2012 for the first time in recorded history. And he’s about to do it again. With a daring and presumably unshaven you.

You’ll set sail.
First, the easy part. A three-day boat ride to Cape Laura. Look out for polar bears. They love capes. And they’re everywhere.

You’ll do things you probably shouldn’t.
From there, you’ll spend the next several days doing all sorts of summery things like skiing up and down glaciers, wading through icy rivers, navigating deadly crevasses and meeting a bunch of reindeer.

No, not those ones.


Crossing Nordaustlandet
via Børge Ousland Polar Exploration
Longyearbyen, Svalbard
+479 242 4700
official website


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