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Ginger Ale

Hello, Ginger Man. Welcome to Lakewood.

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Sometimes you just want to kick back with a few beers.

But we couldn’t find you a few beers, so we got you 165 instead.

Hope you don’t mind.

Make a day of it at The Ginger Man, because that storied beer bar you’ve frequented in Uptown has just opened the doors to its new Lakewood location.

Clearly, this requires further inspection. So let’s inspect.

It sure is woody in here.
The bar top, the floors, the tables, the chairs. Even the walls are made of wood. Trees were definitely harmed in the making of this bar. Cozy spot, though.

You’ve got two stories to explore.
Floor one’s got that long bar top plus several four-tops for gathering ’round. But take that staircase on your left, and you’re met with an open-air balcony, picnic tables and views of the Lakewood Theater.

The beer list is... not small.
We’re talking 65 taps and 100 bottles, so get to ordering Belgian this and German that and “something kind of hoppy but not too hoppy, please.”

The kitchen’s peddling pub snacks.
Think: jumbo soft pretzels, bratwursts and a French dip sandwich. Real beer-drinking food, that stuff.

Extracurriculars include a jukebox and darts.
Play some records, throw some darts, yep... that’s what you’ll do with those things.

Glad we got that settled.


The Ginger Man
6341 La Vista Dr
Dallas, TX, 75214


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