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A Mammoth Driving Range with Bars Everywhere

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Golf can be a very relaxing, leisurely sport.

Until it’s not...

And it’s not at TopGolf Alpharetta, an enormous new three-story driving range with 102 bays, bars on every floor and buckets of pickled fried chicken, accepting members now and opening next Tuesday in Alpharetta.

Since you can’t be on all three levels at once, you’ll need to figure out what works best for you. Let’s break it down, shall we...

Level 1:
It’s down a short flight of stairs from the main level. There’s a lounge down there. It’s got shuffleboard and pool tables. It’s also got Mexi-Gin Martinis made with gin, cilantro vodka and jalapeño syrup. Really seems like some sort of tequila should be involved.

Level 2:
It’s actually the floor you first walk into. You’ll check in and step outside to a climate-controlled bay. When it’s your turn, swipe your personal card that keeps track of exactly how far your ball goes. Right. The balls have microchips in them.

Level 3:
Or if your group is just looking for something to do between drinking rum out of golf-bag-shaped fishbowls and injecting donut holes with Bavarian-cream-filled syringes, situate yourselves near the rooftop terrace’s retractable stage, where they’ll occasionally have live music.

You know, golf stuff.


TopGolf Alpharetta
10900 Westside Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA, 30009


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