Laos and the Motorcycle

Two Weeks on a Motorbike in Laos

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Laos. A somewhat tricky place to pronounce.

Some people just say “Lao.” Others use the hard “s.”

And then a select few call it “That place where you cruise on a motorbike past all those breathtaking temples and whatnot.”

We tend to side with the minority here...

Cue the Steppenwolf for Northern Laos by Motorbike, a fortnight-long journey on two wheels where you traverse some of the least traversed lands in Southeast Asia, taking reservations now.

Think of this as the Far Eastern sequel to The Motorcycle Diaries—but instead of ending up a Marxist revolutionary, you’ll achieve spiritual harmony at ancient Buddhist temples and colonial palaces. Or at least earn the respect of the Laotian biker community.

By day, you’ll stop by tribal villages, speed through bamboo groves and contemplate the serene majesty of a three-tiered jungle waterfall. By night, you’ll check into the nearest place with a reputation for fine linens and good gin. And considering the several thousand miles of paved and unpaved roadways between days one and 14, you’ll want to take advantage of that nightly downtime.

To say nothing of Google Maps.

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