You Got Surv’d

Everything You Need to Survive Office Disasters

As you may know, there’s an old club with a motto that goes: “Be prepared.”

As you may also know, that motto has nothing to do with giving last-minute summit talks at World Economic Forums.

But let’s say it did...

Earn a professional merit badge with Survival Kits, three aptly named packages full of stuff like harmonicas and thermal blankets to help you through events like power outages and late nights at the office, now available online.

These are like any other emergency kits, except they contain things that’ll actually come in handy should you experience any unexpected workplace pitfalls. Observe...

The Overtime: It contains a bag of strong coffee (which has measurements that correspond to overtime hours), a mini flask, a stress ball, earphones, energy bars and an advice book on remaining calm (see also: that flask).

The Power Outage: It’s got things like playing cards and a harmonica to prevent boredom, plus some matches and candles to help you see or conduct office séances.

The Presentation: USB drive. Laser pointer. Emergency bow ties. It’s pretty much got everything you’d need to nail a big pitch.

Which apparently includes bow ties.

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