Put a Ring on It

Turning Your Finger into a Wireless Mouse

None Hold out your hand.

Point at your screen.

Wag your finger up, down and side to side.

Congratulations, you’re qualified to operate Nod, a hypersensitive wireless ring that lets you control other electronics just by waving your hand around, available for preorder now.

If you saw Tom Cruise control his 3D computer in Minority Report, you already know how this works. If not, just know that this is a Bluetooth- and wi-fi-enabled ring with two buttons and a bunch of sensors that basically turn your hand into an all-powerful mouse. Also, give it a watch sometime. Pretty decent movie, actually. It’s no Days of Thunder. Still.


Anyway, once this ships in the fall, you’ll slip it on your index finger and sync it with any wireless-enabled objects you might own—a smart TV, for instance. You’ll point your finger and swipe through some obscure Netflix categories. You’ll wave your hand down to dim the lights. You’ll point your finger at the play button and ponder the greatness of technology.

And ideally make a “one ring to rule them all” joke.

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