The Whistling Pig

Whistle Blower

A Casual Hangout for Sandwiches and Beer

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You can find lots of great stuff at the dollar store.

Like all-purpose cleaners and dashboard-mountable hula girls and pastrami on rye.

Well, technically, that last one’s found next to the dollar store.

Take it easy at The Whistling Pig, a casual neighborhood watering hole that’s bringing cold beer and comforting foodstuffs to an unassuming stretch of East Dallas. It’s from the same guys that brought you Cock & Bull, and hey, look at that: it just opened.

Inside you’ve got a huge U-shaped bar anchoring the place. You’ve got black booths and wooden tables for sitting and staying awhile. And you’ve got walls laced with beer signs to remind you that yes, this place does, in fact, serve beer.

So bring some friends. Then sometime between whiskey shots and Lakewood Lagers, people will probably get hungry. That’s when you’ll consult the menu for bacon corn dogs and wings and open-faced roast beef sandwiches topped with green-chili mashed potatoes and gravy. Hard to see that going wrong.

And because such things often warrant a little light exercise, there’s a pool table in the back for doing just that.

Don’t strain yourself.


The Whistling Pig
8786 Ferguson Rd, Ste 133
Dallas, TX, 75228


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