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Those are not random numbers.

Those are proofs. Alcohol proofs.

Just thought you’d like to know what you’re about to get yourself into...

At Lazy Guy Distillery, a magical little place that’s about to ply you with more whiskey, moonshine and bourbon than is probably necessary, now open for monthly tours and tastings in Kennesaw.

If Little House on the Prairie had a spin-off about a family making OTP whiskey, this is where they’d film the pilot. The tasting room’s in a creaky old house from the 1800s—big Southern porch. Stained-glass windows. That whole deal. And behind all that: a small wooden barn where the hooch-making magic happens.

So if tasting this stuff sounds not-awful to you, stop by for the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday afternoon. The first-generation distiller will give you the rundown on how the 1,300-liter mash cooker and other things in the barn work. Then he’ll escort you inside to the copper bar in the tasting room. Then, well... yeah.

And they’re releasing a limited-run batch of corn whiskey later this year. It’s called The General after a local train that was stolen in the Civil War’s Great Locomotive Chase of 1862. Oh, and it’s 151 proof.

Seemed worth mentioning.


Lazy Guy Distillery
2950 Moon Station Rd
Kennesaw, GA, 30144


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