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Beer, Pizza and Cocktails on Tap

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Back when Primo’s closed, you were like, “Aw, man, Primo’s closed.”

Or maybe you were like, “What’s Primo’s?”

In either case, it’s gone now.

So let’s meet the new guy.

Say hello to So & So’s, a fine-looking hangout from the team that brought you Sfuzzi and the Standard Pour. It’s dabbling in pizzas, beers and cocktails on tap, and it’s soft-opening tonight on McKinney Ave.

Walking inside, you... can’t really tell this was Primo’s. Because now it’s less mediocre Tex-Mex joint and more of an exposed bricks and dark wood kind of joint. The type of place that finds an old decrepit piano from 1907 and thinks, “Hey, that’d look nice behind the bar.”

Right, so it’s charming. And that’s before we even get to the leather banquettes and the library. Both make for some coveted real estate when you’re surveying the 10 draft beers, four draft cocktails (Paloma; fernet and Coke) and a couple of frozen drinks that’ll be lifesavers come summer.

You should know that it’s drinks-only for the next few days. But soon they’ll begin feeding you things like chicken and dumplings, burgers and an assortment of pizzas.

In case you happen to like pizzas.


So & So’s
3309 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204


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